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Pakachi begins with 10-year-old Mary-Elizabeth being drug along by her scholar parents on a road trip to dis- cover more about their Native ancestry. They happen onto a road only found by those who are lost and a robotic skunk wanders onto the tired, old two lane highway causing them to swerve and crash into an arid tree. Her mother and father are abducted by the CHI- LAKBI’, a brainwashed clan of desiccated warriors loyal only to their tyrant king, Nafki. Mary-Elizabeth nar- rowly escapes, but is marked by a sacred talisman - making her trackable by the Chilakbi. She meets FOSTER an impossibly positive indigenous boy appren- ticing on a long forgotten, horse-drawn sideshow cara- van called, “Runkle’s Wild Roadside ‘Animal-tronic’ Adventure Show”.

They are escorted through the mystical landscape by ancestral spirits contained within their walking stick called the SPIRIT POLE. The young friends are helped by the sparse, war-torn inhabitants of this impoverished land. Former mermaids, phase-shifting fireflies, a white wolf, and even a magic frog all guide Mary-Elizabeth and Foster on their periling journey.

Mary-Elizabeth and Foster learn that in order to save her parents from the ‘dry houses’, they must first free Nafki’s prize prisoner, Intiik, Queen of the Aqueous, and restore balance to the world.

Desert Nature
Abandoned Gas Station
Dry Soil
Girl Lying on Dry Ground

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