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When newly AWOL MI6 agent, Howard Cross, comes to Stonecipher City, OK he immediately senses the uncanny all around him. If that feel- ing is coming from within will be determined throughout the course of the story.

Decades ago, deep in the bullshit of the Cold War, Howard’s father, Leon- ard (codename Badger), himself a highly decorated spy for Her Majesty, spent his entire career subverting, alluding and pursuing a ruthless KGB operative, codename ARCANE.

When ARCANE defected to the US, Leonard chased him to the same rural Oklahoma town and was never seen or heard from again. After a career spent chasing the ghost of his father, Howard finally has a chance to get the closure that has escaped him his entire life.

But this isn’t that kind of movie.

Image by Riccardo Retez
Fishing Net Closeup
Man in Cafe
Image by Scott Rodgerson

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